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Kiwanis Program Recap - February 12, 2014

The Kalamazoo Promise is Alive and Growing!

As Executive Director of Community Relations for The Kalamazoo Promise, Von Washington Jr. spoke to us about the the history (there is one now!), and updates on how The Promise is being used, and some of the challenges that are emerging.

We learned are that students have 10 years to use their benefit. They do not have to have a specific GPA when graduating High School, but do need to hold a 2.0 for classes taken at community college or university.

11 million dollars are going to Michigan colleges and universities this year on behalf of KPS graduates. Over 50 million has been given since the programs inception.

An unexpected challenge has been getting the word out that The Kalamazoo Promise is NOT going to "run it's course" or "not be there" in the future. It HAS been provided for "in perpetuity". It seems that how it works is still a mystery to some. Simply stated, the bills come in, and they get paid by anonymous donors.

The Kalamazoo Promise staff also keep tabs on students, and address developing trends. Alarmingly, a large percentage of students who choose to attend community college and attempt an Associates degree, fail. Currently, support programs have been developed at KVCC specifically to address struggling students with the goal of increasing student success.

If you have any questions about the promise, they have a wonderful FAQ section on their website, or feel free to contact The Kalamazoo Promise staff directly.



KPS Third Graders are Crazy About Dictionaries!

Kiwanians the world over believe every child should have all the tools they need to succeed. Our downtown club chose to take on unique project to help all third graders in the Kalamazoo public school system. We gave them a dictionary of their very own!

Here are some fun facts:

Total number of dictionaries delivered this year ........... +1,200

Number of Kiwanis Club members participating ......... 12         

Number of years our Kiwanis Club has been delivering ......... 7

Total dictionaries delivered over 7 years ......... +7,700                   


Thanks to everyone who helped!